The Water Calming® Institute is dedicated to supporting grief, anxiety, and trauma healing through the professional education, research, and transcendence of Water Calming®. We offer training opportunities in order for people to utilize the personal development exercises and therapeutic process of Water Calming® in their individual and group practices.

The Water Calming® Institute was founded in March of 2020 by Dr. Dan Wilson. The inspiration was to create a platform for sharing this evidence-based, therapeutic modality that emphasizes the natural cycle of water. Water Calming® was substantiated through his doctoral research involving 41 participants. The vision was to bridge the external world of sensory information with the internal world of introspection in order to create emotionally healing experiences. The results were profound.

The Water Calming® Institute hosts training programs throughout the United States at mesmerizing natural water locations. Participants have the opportunity to experience the process themselves and meet others who have a similar vision to spread this nature-based, empirical approach throughout the world. Certification can also be completed online and there is a practicum option for those interested in becoming distinguished as practitioners in order to work with clients.

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