KEYNOTE/PRESENTATION - This is a public speaking option for organizations that want an established underlying theme. This presentation is given by Dr. Dan Wilson and sets the framework, or is a part, of the agenda for the event. This is often utilized at academic conferences or education settings. 

WORKSHOP - This is a program organized by Dr. Dan Wilson that involves a combination of discussion and practice in a particular subject. The Water Calming™ Institute offers workshops focused on Water Calming™, the MBTI, or the topic of Stress. The group shares their knowledge and experiences with one another throughout the course of the day.

RETREATS - These are commonly camping retreats offered and organized by the Water Calming™ Institute. They focus on the therapeutic process of Water Calming™ and also integrate wellness practice, stress relief, meditation, creativity, and personal development within their agendas.

GRIEF COUNSELING - This group meets for 1.5 hours, once a week, for eight weeks in Stillwater, MN. It is a closed-ended format meaning that individuals enter into and leave the group at the same time. This group specifically exists for the sake of emotional support. Additional benefits include education and social purposes as well.