Upon completion of the "Immersion" and "Practicum," individuals have the opportunity to participate in the "Teaching" level to become a Certified Master Practitioner. This comes with the guidance of a Master Practitioner. Participants must instruct the Master Practitioner, over the course of six sessions, both the Water Calming® stages and the ten significant themes commonly found through the research. Participants must also share how each theme resonates with their own life and their individual experiences with each one. Once these sessions are completed, the participant will be distinguished as a Water Calming® Certified Master Practitioner. This is the highest distinguished honor that substantiates the participant's ability to train other professionals in the Water Calming® modality.


Here is the "Teaching" itinerary:


Session #1

- Introduction

- Water Calming® Stages

Session #2

- Place Attachment

- Fractal Dimension

- Introspection

Session #3

- Attention Restoration

- Impermanence

- Ecocentrism

Session #4

- Motivation

- Pleasure

Session #5

- Nature Connectedness

- Stress Recovery

Session #6

- Review of Teaching

- Review of Water Calming® Program

Master Practitioners earn 20% of program fees (up to $400) from a new participant payment that stems from their referral. Master Practitioners can also generate income following completion of the "Teaching" level through training other professionals in the Water Calming® modality. Please contact us in regard to additional income opportunities. 

Participants begin the "Teaching" following their intermediate level "Practicum" experience. Payment is made in increments of $80 per session. There is no timeline for when the "Teaching" needs to be completed. It can be completed within one day or across the span of a year or more. There is no refund for a single session once it is completed.

For interest in participating in the "Teaching," contact 651-300-8410 or connect@watercalming.org prior to making any payments.

Payment is made via Venmo (@stillwaterglobal). Stillwater Global is the parent company of the Water Calming® Institute. Payment must be made prior to each Teaching session.

Practicum Total: $480